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Striving for innovative mission-critical solutions.


MSCI helps the Department of Defense and Weapons Systems Developers navigate evolving acquisition waters to efficiently and effectively get the best new ideas developed into fielded warfighter capabilities.

MSCI Core Competencies

Digital Engineering Experts

MSCI is a leader in using Digital Engineering methodologies to support Research, Design, Test, Evaluation and Training. We understand that U.S. warfighting capabilities will expand as the DoD continues to evolve and refine technologies for Multi-Domain Operations. And as that System-of-Systems environment grows in size and complexity we must find advanced methods of representing that environment to researchers, developers, testers & evaluators, and trainers. Digital Engineering is a key enabler to these solution sets.

Mission Engineering

System-of-systems integration is at the heart of many current and future technical innovations. The system-of-systems approach has arisen in response to the Defense Department’s needs for warfighting capabilities requiring multiple linked systems that are greater than the sum of the capabilities of the constituent parts. Mission Engineering is the development and deployment of warfighting capabilities by applying a mission context to system-of-systems and to complex systems within the Defense Department. MSCI has extensive experience and expertise in applying Mission Engineering methodologies to achieve optimal performance in complex environments.

Modeling & Simulations

Modeling & Simulations is one of our fundemental core competency at MSCI, and advancing how M&S can be done better, faster, and cheaper within the DoD is something that we have done since our inception. Advanced techniques that leverage modeling and simulation into testing can provide the military with more options, robustness and knowledge while maintaining acceptable test budgets. MSCI is an advanced supplier of hardware-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and integrated instrumentation suites.

System Engineering & Analysis

MSCI helps our customers find Research, Design, Test and Evaluation solutions by leveraging our experience with and connections to Government labs and test facilities. We also provide consultation to academia and industry for linking technology solutions to Defense problems and finding federal funding for the best new ideas.

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